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Find answers to out most frequently asked questions

Q. Is it cold? People ask us about cold everyday. You'll be surprised to hear that when your surfing or paddle boarding, it's not atall! In fact more often our customers are too warm. The waters here range from 7-13 deg celcuis, which we admit is chilly however we provide super warm winter 5/4mm wetsuits (and boots, gloves & hood if required). Check out any of our TripAdvisor reviews if you don't believe us- or try it for yourself;)

Q. What do I need to bring? We provide all the wetsuits and boards in our lessons so all you need to bring is a towel, warm clothes for getting changed into and some water. We would also recommend arriving with a swimming costume/ trunks on as it makes it easier for getting changed. RIB Tours- Please bring waterproofs and warm clothes including a hat and gloves.

Q. Whats the age limits? Surf Lessons- Minimum age is 4 years old. However children under 8 need an adult supervisor in the water. Paddleboard Lesson- Minimum age is 12. RIB Tours- Minimum age is 8 (so they can fit into the life jackets). Theres no maximum age! We've had customers in their mid 70s join their first surf lesson & love it.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad? If its a bit windy or rainey this won't affect us however in the event of extreme wind or huge swell we might need to cancel/postpone. Same goes if it happens to be totally flat for the surf lessons, however we will always try and find a backup location or offer another activity such as stand up paddle boarding. We will provide the option to reschedule or a full refund if thats not possible. The chances of cancelling are very low.

Q. Do I need to be able to swim? We do require customers to be able to swim 50m to surf or paddleboard. however it's okay if your not a confident swimmer. You can stay in the shallows. Please make sure to inform your instructor of your swimming ability on arrival.

Q. Do you have shower facilties or changing rooms? Sadly not yet! We have plans to hopefully make it happen soon though. Our seas are clean & the salt is great for your hair/skin so no need for a shower anyways;)

Q. Where do we meet? For our surf lessons we mosty meet at the main carpark at Dunnet beach (next to Dunnet bay campsite). If we need to relocate a lesson we will be in touch. Our paddleboard locations vary so we will make sure to contact you to confirm the meeting point. Please meet at Skerray pier for our RIB Tours.

Q. Can I get to Dunnet beach by public transport? Yes you can get to Dunnet beach from the main town of Thurso by bus. Check out stagecoaches bus route 80 and Aarons of Wick bus route 915.

Q. Is there carparking? Yes all of our activity locations have free parking. Some carparks do have the option to make a donation though.

Q. Is there accomodation nearby? Yes. For our surf & paddle board lessons the cloest accomodation is in Dunnet, then Castletown, then Thurso. Check out our 'Where to Stay' page for some recommendations.

Q. Is there anything else to do on the North coast? Theres so much to see and do on the North coast of Scotland! And since its not the typical tourist detsination you can often enjoy this beautiful, varied landscape to youself. Check out our 'Things to do' & 'Must see' pages for ideas.

Q. Where are you based We have a base overlooking Dunnet beach. For directions type in 'North Coast Watersports' into google maps. We're at the end of the track. Make sure to call before arriving- we're not always in. We don't meet here for any of our experiences (just to sometimes sort rentals.)

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