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Explore & experience the benefits of water and wellness  

From stand up paddling boarding and surfing on Scotland’s coasts, to booking a well-earned wellness break, we want to share how participating in watersports improves our wellbeing. 

We’re situated in the Scottish Highlands in Caithness. Our main location is the long sandy Dunnet beach and its cold sea air, clear waters and world-class waves make it the perfect place to experience the best of Scottish water. 

There are thousands of great water wellness experiences you can try yourself when travelling around Scotland but here are just a few you might want to indulge in after your lessons with us. 

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Waterfall walks

Scotland has some quiet locations where you can walk towards glittering waterfalls and listen to the soothing sounds of the water falling down the landscape. 

Visit them at different times of the year, from when they’re at full power after heavy rain, to the summer months when water levels are lower and gentler.

Wild swimming

Did you know Scotland has ‘blue spaces’ across the country where you can go wild swimming? From Loch Lomond to the River Tay, there’s lots of stunning places to take a refreshing and calming swim in the open water.

Scottish Seafood

From welcoming fish and chip shops to Michelin star restaurants, there is a wide variety of places to try some great seafood sourced within Scotland. We would also recommend stopping by a seafood shack if you’re in need of a water wellness boost. There’s nothing better than a warm meal after outdoor activites!

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Want to book your water wellness experience?

Get in touch today and have a chat with our knowledgeable and friendly team of experts. 

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