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We have trade accounts set up with all the best watersports companies. As well as the options below we can order discounted equipment from Palm, Sandbank Style SUPs, Futures, Ocean & Earth & Xcel. Look at these brands websites and let us know what you'd like to purchase, we can then order it for you with 20% off RRP.

We have tried and tested many wetsuit brands but C-skins always comes out on top. Super flexible, durable and most importantly warm. If you'd like to purchase any of their products, give us a shout as we can get 20% off anything from their website- as long as its in stock. 

C skins Wetsuits
Cord Surfboards

If your looking to treat yourself with a new hardboard, Cord is who you should contact. Their beautiful twin fin designs are our absolute favourites. Built to the highest quality, allowing you to take your surfing to the next level.

We recommend these boards all day long!

Luke Young creates custom surfboards that cater for all styles and abilities. With the combination of only the most premium quality materials, second to none craftsmanship and the best possible customer care, they strive for the ultimate service.

Luke Young Surfboards
Alder Beginner Foamboards

We have a trade account with Alder Sportswear who offer a huge variety of products such as beginner foamboards, hardboards, bodyboards, wetsuits, bags etc. If you need to buy any watersports related equipment give us a shout and we can order it up for you- 20% cheaper than the average RRP. Have a look at their website here and let us know what you're interested in.

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